How to pronounced Jean's name.

  • Half of the fandom: Gene!
  • Other half: John!
  • The show: JAH!

Quick & dirty guide to Agito menus for a friend! Come here, lovingcolors!!!

There’s a lot of stuff I left out, so if there are any questions feel free to hit up my ask box or this post, etc.

[A-B] Dorm Side Menus

1. Magic Academy
2. Mission (期限限定 = limited time): The missions are divided into 期限限定イベント (dailies), 物語 (story), 調査 (investigation/exploration), 依頼リスト (subquests from Kaguyama/members of not!Class 0)
3. Gacha: The クリスタル is done with red tickets and blue crystals bought with money, while the フレンド is done with FP (Friend Points)
4. Crafting/Fortification: More on this in D
5. Friends Menu: This one can get pretty complicated, more on this in H
6. Present Box: Where all your 討伐 (elimination battle) rewards and friend presents go
7. Same as 4, oops
8. Abilities: More on this in E
9. Equipment/Item Box: Your inventory, basically, more on this in F-G
10. Platoon: The group you’re in for weekend elimination battles — you have rankings within the platoon as well as an overall platoon ranking on top of your individual ranking, so that’s 3 tiers of rewards on top of the ones if the boss gets eliminated

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Been playing the Meroe-4 region and finally another Divine Sword recipe! BUT IT BOMBED even at 80% =_= dragged fabulousferrousfucker for the first one. I see you’re back to using Himuro…

Decided to drag Yuetsu-san for the second one since I haven’t dragged him often as he’s quite a new friend. But Minagiwa wwww

Eheheh, I was hitting the fire area that mysteriously appeared temporarily so I switched over… |3


So I’ve been seeing this word 「昇華 」—(shouka? sublimation?) throughout twitter about Zhuyu and seen it from FFAgito itself.

Does anyone know what it means in context of Type-0/Agito universe? (*▽*)

I assume that it’s kinda like 使命/focus, but I’m not too sure….

Pretty sure it refers to when a l’Cie completes their Focus and turns to crystal. :|a Queen was talking about it a while back when it happened to Qun’mi.


fabulousferrousfucker LOL sup dude I don’t use twitter.

Hahaha I just sent it to most of the tumblr folk because I didn’t know who used Twitter and who didn’t! |D Covering all my bases. Sorry!


fabulousferrousfucker LOL sup dude I don’t use twitter.

Hahaha I just sent it to most of the tumblr folk because I didn’t know who used Twitter and who didn’t! |D Covering all my bases. Sorry!

Pictures from the trip to Beijing this weekend! We went ‘cause the sisterling came to visit from Cali, and basically did a lightning tour of some famous locales. IT WAS A MISTAKE. THERE WERE WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE AND ALSO BEIJING IS AN OVEN.

But at least it was a pretty oven…?

1-2. The Bird’s Nest and broadcast tower used in the 2008 Olympics! The tower changed colors a lot so I just snapped a shot when it went rainbow. :))

3. Some cute architecture at the shopping complex where we had Peking duck near Beijing University! It was quite excellent duck, apparently the restaurant is pretty old and famous too. It’s called 全聚德 and we got a serial code for our duck fffffff—

4-7. Shots of the Great Wall at Jinshanling and the insides of one of the towers! It was so nice and cool, I want a summer house built of stone omfg… We went there instead of the more developed Badaling because it was less crowded… One side of the Wall was still pretty wild and there was a break where we stopped because it was harder to go on from there. It was a pretty taxing trek compared to the last time I went to the Wall at one of the more developed areas.

8-9. Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace! You can just see the Temple of Buddhist Incense (I think?) in the distance, it was pretty huge but we didn’t have much time to explore. Took a few pictures of the lions on the Seventeen-Arch Bridge. :> This was also my second time here. The lake seemed smaller than it used to be…



A message from Anonymous

a question for ff agito! what does each class specialize in?

I’ve only been White and Black Mages, but according to the Japanese wiki:

White Mages specialize in Holy magic attack and defense (meaning those will level up with job class level). Their special ability is a heal over time.

Black Mages specialize in attack magic and magic defense. Their special ability shortens cooldowns by quite a bit.

Knights specialize in physical defense. Their special ability is, uh… probably holding enemy aggro/concentrating enemy attacks on themselves. :|a I’m not sure.

Whew, was out of town for the weekend though had intermittent Internet, so I got quite a bit done but didn’t have the opportunity to upload these until now. :3c I did manage to slam through Jack’s birthday quest!!

(You don’t want to know how many Phoenix Feathers I used. QQ)

(Sorry, summonodin, you became a live sacrifice to the turtle gods….)

(He has the same birthday as me!!! Ufufu.)

Another pile of screenshots for the road!!

1-2/4-5. Finally rolled through a bunch of gacha tickets trying to get Yain, got Miyabi and dressing gown/casual clothing instead. :U OH WELL. This hair color really goes terribly with all this Suzaku red but I like it anyway sshhhh. The obvious solution was to add sunset red to the mix. :U :UU

3. Finally got a somewhat decent gun!! :D :DD The recipe dropped and I just happened to have enough mats, good times. Haven’t actually tried it out yet.

6-8. JACK’S DUCKLIP FACES ARE IMPORTANT. Obviously. 8)) That fucking Jousai thing is the worst, I’m never going back there. Please don’t make me go back there, game…… Jack blushing ridiculously and promising to protect everyone’s smiles was 1000% worth it though, what a goober. :D


9. “I think it will be fine if we each bring what we have to the table — I, knowledge, and you, common sense. Isn’t making up for each other’s flaws part of friendship?”

Trey is my favorite battle character in Type-0 and it’s leaking over into my general preferred character rankings, whoops. His appearance in Cinque’s flower-viewing bond event was pretty spectacular, too.

Also finally finished Nine’s bond quest, jfc (the toupee mystery omfg……). Just King’s and Jack’s left now. :3c Looks like I’m going to make Class 4 this round, too.


Another group of Ace gifs from FFAgito, and the last Ace expressions I have access to currently. Anyone else has a source, I’d love to know!

These are from the scene in PC’s room after you are totally owned by a Behemoth. Still in the introduction thingy, I think it’s safe to say.